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Sabino Basin - photo by Scott taken May, 2006

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Scott S. Emerson, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of Biostatistics
Department of Biostatistics
University of Washington


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University of Washington Formal Courses

The links below provide access to materials (syllabi, handouts,
presentations, homeworks, exams, etc.) as appropriate for the course.

BIOST 512: Med Biom II Wi00 Wi99 Wi98 Wi97 Wi96
BIOST 514: Biost I Au12 Au11 Au10 Au09 Au07 Au06 Au05 Au00 Au99
BIOST 515: Biost II Wi15 Wi14 Wi08 Wi07 Wi06
BIOST 517: Appl Biost I Au12 Au11 Au10 Au09 Au07 Au06 Au05 Au02 Au01
BIOST 518: Appl Biost II Wi15 Wi14 Wi08 Wi07 Wi06 Wi03 Wi02
BIOST 524: Dsn Med Studies Sp11 Sp10 Sp00
BIOST 533: Thry Lin Models Sp14 Sp09 Sp99
BIOST 536: Categ Data Anlys Au14 Au13
BIOST 561: Comp Tools I Au15 Au10
BIOST 562: Comp Tools II Wi16 Wi11
BIOST 570: Regr Meth: Indep Au98 Au97 Au96
BIOST 578: Stat Dsn RCT Sp13 Su03
BIOST 579: Dta Anl Rep Writ Au11 Sp05 Au03 Sp00
BIOST 590: Biost Cnslt Sp12 Au08 Sp05 Sp02 Au01
GEN ST 197: Fresh Semnr Au14
STAT 512: Stat Infer I Au15 Au03
STAT 513: Stat Infer II Wi16 Wi04
STAT 582: Adv Stat Thry II Wi12

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